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Here you will find the current tracks that I have completed for Full Sail University.

For my final track I had chosen to go with my second track from the previous project and expand on it and fine tune it. I had found a vocal sample that I really liked and just messed with it to get some structure to the song and built around that. I didn’t have a specific genre that I was trying to go for, just something that sounded good.


The song is in a 4/4 time signature with a bpm of 120 and in the key of Em. For the rhythm I went with a grand piano because it had a nice clean and bright sound. For the bass I used a synth bass that was a nice clean and plucky sound. I had also used a sub bass track to add some depth to the bass tracks.


The chord progression I went with a i-IV-VII progression because it worked well with the vocal track. Because I was building the song around the vocals, the chord progressions that I could use were a bit limited, but it worked well in my opinion.


I used a lot of special effects to this track to add character and depth to the piece. From white noise sweeps to risers and others really added to the track and make it sound complete. Some of the special effects were created with a synth, and some were samples pulled from my sample library and tweaked to fit the song.


Finally for the processing part I mixed everything down to where I liked each track, than panned the tracks to their “correct” places. I then added a bit of reverb to the vocals to make them sound wider. I also added a bit of chorus to the drums and bass to give it a bit more depth. I also added a compressor that was side-chained to the kick drum’s compressor to make the kick drum not get drowned out by the bass.

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